See that wad of paper on the floor?

Crushed, crumpled, forlorn and alone,
Cast aside and thrown away, ignored, stepped upon…
Without the dignity of being put in a bin,
Where it can lie hidden, in wait of recycling.

It was once a fresh, crisp sheet.
Blank. White. No creases, no folds, no tears.
Bound, in an orderly ream.
Unused, waiting for the first mark of the pen
To bring it alive.

Then someone came along
And scribbled a few lines on it.
Got distracted, doodled,
Made cancellations, corrections.
Spilled ink, blots of black.
Erased out what they didn’t want the world to see.

And when they finished,
Callously ripped out that sheet,
Dismissively disposed it of
And moved on to the next one.

That grieving ball of paper in that corner?

That right there is my heart.



    1. Thank you so very much, Brett!
      Oh, I’ve had my share of heart ache/break, but this is just poetry!
      Cheers! Look around some more on my site, if you’d like. And I will be getting on to your posts. Take care & God bless!

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  1. Awh man reading this reminded me of a post I once wrote “The Heartbreak”, I wrote it with a different perspective in mind but a lot of people related it with the kind of heartbreak you were talking about here. I could totally relate with your words ! 🙂

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  2. Fabulous !
    Thank you for showing me your moving words. It is good to know that others are experiencing the same thing. I wish that all of us who are experiencing this; find the person who will treasure us for who we are. May we then be happy.

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      1. Thank you Kunal, I’m catching up with blogs I follow and all your posts that I’ve liked are indicative of my preferences which can be eclectic but also those which resonate with me presently. Thank you. Best. Chevvy

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