I Don’t Sleep Alone

I lay my tired body down,
head on my pillow,
pull up the sheets,
lids heavy…
when they appear before me,
a melee, making themselves heard.

My hopes,
wishes and aspirations.
For the days to come.

My wants,
needs and desires.

and anxiety.

My frustrations.
At not being able to rise and overcome.

My conscience.
My guilt.

My fears.
Demons, pulling me down with them.
My pretences.
My defences.

The confusion.
Contorting the mind,
causing discord.
Conflict and agitation.

The what ifs.
And but ifs.

The images I see.
Projected on the vast canvas of my mind.
With all its perceptions and biases.

My dreams.
Like butterflies, flitting.

My nightmares,
dark and deep,
full of fright.

My prayers.
Full of faith, but unfulfilled, it seems.

My thoughts.
Stealing sleep from me.



  1. I keep what’s called a “God box” in which I place the unsettling thoughts, doubts, fears etc because sometimes we have get those out of our heads. I suppose poetry is also good for that catharsis. I guess everyone has their demons so the emotions are universal. Trouble is in the dark or on your own, they do become mountains. Hugs to you Kunal 😊

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