Chanting for those inclined to listen, by American kirtan singers Krishna Das & Jai Uttal; it’s “aum namah shivaya” and “boom shankar” in equal parts.

The Sanskrit word “Hara” means to take away. This is to denote an embodiment of captivation, consolidation and destruction.

As you might know, Lord Shiva is also associated with the term “The Destroyer”. Thus, this chant implies that “O Great Lord, liberate us from this vicious cycle of births and deaths (or attain Moksha).”

‘Hara’ here implies taking away our sorrows, grief, lust, ignorance and all worldly attachments and liberate our soul.

And without trying to be preachy, here’s a little more about Lord Shiva:


  1. Excellent post. Naturally, I love kirtan, and listen to Krishna Das and Jai Uttal frequently. I saw Jai Uttal live and it was an enlightening experience. šŸ™‚ One thing that encouraged me to buy my harmonium. Salutations to Shiva ā¤

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