Together, they set out to climb the highest ofΒ peaks.

They never made it to the top,

But now they’re friends

With elevated views

And a shared appreciation for the mountains,

Of sunrises and sunsets.



  1. Very nice play on words between the title and the quote. Short as your poem is, it provokes so many thoughts. Is a plateau a good place to be? Is platonic enough? Can lovers remain friends? These are just rhetorical questionsπŸ˜€

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    1. Deepika, many thanks! I’m deeply gratified that you find me wortyof a nomination, but I’m going to humbly decline. I’ve taken a stance earlier of not doing award participation. I write for my pleasure and all I ask for is a read from like minded bloggers. Your appreciation means a lot. Please don’t mind my “no” and trust you’ll understand. Thanks again, God bless!

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