The Lure of Cities

There’s Xanadu, Valhalla, Atlantis and mystical Mu
But most of all, I’d like to know about these two:
If you could, where would you go
Mythical Shangri La or legendary El Dorado?

A city of treasure and riches untold
Where every house and street is gilded with gold
Shimmering gems and jewellery more than you can hold
Ostentatious luxury and extravagant opulence shining bold

Vice and avarice, wine and lust
And homage to a yellow metal, which does not rust
The dirt on the road, precious diamond dust
An ephemeral apparition easily blown away by a financial gust

Or a place where calmness lies in store
Where an abundance of peace endures
A haven of harmony, and nothing more
But where you can feel the vibe in every pore

Not much to take, a lot to give
Where the wise ones in contentment simply live
Concord prevails and consonance pervades
An equitable balance of light and shade

The aggressive allure of Aurus or the zen-like pacificism of Shambhala, what would you choose
What’s your answer, my friend, que voulez vous
It’ll show a bit about what you hold dear
It’ll tell a lot about who you are


Bridge Across Time





  1. Well after my recent post on New York, I’m not quite ready for permanent residence at Shangri-la. Making my way there but ah! temptations of the world still have allure so I’ll settle for somewhere in between.😀

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    1. 🙂 Yes, it’s always a bundle of contradicting attractions, isn’t it? But I think I’d live and detox in Shangri La, with a quarterly pop over to El Dorado to get my fix?
      Thanks for the visit, Chevvy, appreciate it!

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  2. Loved this !! I wih I had wings on my slippers , would love to go to these places and beyond 🙂 See now I can’t make up my mind ….true to ma name ..thatmishmash !

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