Why is it that the moon is the backdrop for romantic interludes
When the sun is the setting for a blazing death

Why is it that a spark aspires to be kindled
When the fire it grows into desires to be doused

Why is that toxic toadstools are blessed with the fairy tale immortality of pixie dust
When mushrooms can only hallucinate a similar future while being consumed into nothingness

Why is it that a galloping equine elicits wondrous sighs
When a load-bearing asinine is damned with derisive disdain

Why is it that doves populate our dreams as symbols of peace
When ravens are harbingers of death and the subject of nightmares

Why is it that eyes are noticed, with rapturous odes praising their beauty
When the hands that compose them are unseen

Why is it that lawyers, penmen of the cold and convoluted, live lives of wealth
When poets, fine wordsmiths of verses that breathe emotion, die in penury

Why is it that the butterfly can flit happily from flower to flower seeking ambrosia-like nectar
When the destiny of a moth is merely to be martyred by the flame

Why is it that a honeybee, inspite of , is cursed to sting and die
When an overly aggressive wasp can spread its venom many times over

Why is it that one man carries the torch
When his fellow brother bears the cross



  1. Color me impressed. You have my attention. In my opinion, the Raven is a symbol of things coming to an end. Yes, in the way that it represents death in many ways but what comes with death I ask you? New life, and therefore an end in much the same way is a rebirth and a new beginning.

    Thus a Raven (yes I capitalized that on purpose despite its incorrect grammatical standing) represents a very beautiful and very underrated quality in life. It represents the end of pain.

    Wonderful post. I will be reading more in the future.

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    1. Thank you! I understand what you’re saying & am in agreement that you need to die to be reborn a better soul. My point here was to try to bring out the differences attributed to & the perceptions (unfair at times) we have of similar things, “cousins” if you will.

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  2. The head is persistently spinning with the word. So many unanswered issues lie dormant in our rake up a lot .Good and bad both.I am inclined to some self analysis and I hope I find some answers.Great!:)

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  3. Ah, perspective. It’s all in perspective. Very well done, Kunal. Fascinating take on the dichotomy of beauty, fear, pain, desirability, all depending on our human experience. That delicate balance.

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  4. This is such an amazing right!!! Loved every question – am in awe of them…the questions, the words, the beauty and art in them – the questions are so beautiful, no time to think of answers! 🙂 Thank you Kunal, yet again! 🙂

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  5. What a deep thinker you are , K. Philosophy becomes you , my friend.
    Why? Why? Why? Made me sit up and think. Oh! My weary brain. You are too clever , K.
    Can hear you snoring !!

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