Father. Brother. Husband. Son.
Boss. Colleague. Businessman. Friend.
This I am.

A guy who can play the fool.
At times, a complete fool.
Middle aged, greying. Yet childish.
This, too, I am.

Capable of reading anything. Anything.

The Gita, NYT, Economist, Reader’s Digest, Playboy, Cosmo, Comics.
Fiction and non. Shakespeare and self help.
Lacking in loquaciousness, voluble with the written word.

Sure. Clear headed. Confused.
Duty bound. Selfish.
Laid back. Restless.
Seeker. Wanderer. Hermit at home. Occasional globe trotter.
Straightforward but straying in thoughts.
Emotional, sentimental, soft hearted, hard nosed.
Whimsical, contemplative.
This I am, this is me.

Exuberant of mind, restrained in appearance, of composed countenance.
Flippant and frivolous. Ever the thinker.

With wants, needs, desires.
The obvious and the unspoken.
Fond of the simple pleasures, the finer things.
Sometimes believing in indulgence, at others, abstinence.
Happy to be alone. Lover of good company.
Yes, this also I am.

Fond of rock, reggae, morning ragas**.
Guitar riffs and jugalbandi***.
Dog and wildlife lover.
Anti cruelty. Anti whaling. Anti seal clubbing.
Anti bullock carts, camel racing, elephant or  horse rides.
Anti sacrifice. Anti anything anti animals.
But a carnivore.
This I am.

Filled with doubt and dilemmas.
Simple to a fault. A conundrum of complex contradictions.
A many layered, multi faceted paradox.

The macrocosm in the microcosm.
The duality in the unity.
This I am. All of this is me.

*Sanskrit for “I Am That”, also alternately translated as “That Thou Art.”

**ragas are Indian musical arrangements

***jugalbandi is a duet, where musicians jam with each other on two different instruments



    1. Hi Amit! While I honour is all mine – and I am truly grateful for your kindness – I will unfortunately decline. Please do not be offended, but I blog not for awards but for myself – it’s almost like catharsis. Your appreciation, and that of fellow bloggers, is welcome and it does wonders for my ego, but thanks but no thanks! Maybe I should have added weird & stubborn to my traits in this last post as well! 😉 Blessings, always!

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      1. no problem…. but do believe that yourself is indeed scattered all across the remaining humanity…. something like ‘let yourself known to know yourself’ 😉 but of course humanity is free before it is anything else…. btw, I think you may like the Briggs Meyer test…. I enjoyed the result… my best regards to you!

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  1. Being capable of reading anything is a key skill for a blogger! I’ve spent the last few months reading all sorts of things it would never have occurred to me to even glance at in the past. I have to say, though, I feel better for it. I’ve learned a lot about people things and places I’d never even heard of before.

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  2. I wrote something like this once too. The roles we play, the multitude of people contained within us.

    Surprisingly, when we are so many people inside us, we realize that other people are in the end not different than us.

    Great one kunal!

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  3. Whistles!! ❤💜 This is absolutely incredible writing, Kunal 😀 I love how you have described the numerous shades to your wonderful persona.. especially love the lines ‘Emotional, sentimental, soft hearted, hard nosed. Whimsical, contemplative.This I am, this is me’ Beautifully penned. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support ❤💜

    Lots of love,

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