I don’t quite like that guy.
That fellow standing in front of me.
Looking back at me. Looking just like me.

He stands tall, his heart is fair,
But I don’t like some of what I see.
His form’s not perfect.
It’s tarnished in places.

I can see his flaws up close. His blemishes. His warts.
All, in plain sight.
And what is that discolouration?
Faulty vision or something in my eye?
A birthmark? Not quite,
It’s more than skin deep.

I keep staring, observing.
I can look into his eyes.
If I squint hard, I can see into his soul.
I can even read his mind.

I’ve been watching him for a while.
The chap seems familiar. Very familiar.
But some features are almost like an imposter’s.
I notice he’s laterally inverted.
Like some of his thinking, perhaps?
Some of his habits?
Let me alter my perspective,
Change my view.
No, that doesn’t help,
It’s much the same.

This mirror that I’m looking into,
Tells me he’s an image of me.
Of what and who I am.
And this same looking glass makes me realize
If I am to like all of him,
The object needs work to be done.


32 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. If you can see the flaws in yourself, you lose the ability to see the flaws in others and that is a wonderful thing. The object in the mirror no matter who stands in front needs work to be done. Beautifully put. Laterally inverted like thoughts and habits. Pretty words, vivid imagery.

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  2. “The object needs work to be done.”
    Don’t we all,at some point, just stand in front of the mirror and get lost in the person that we see who we’re most often unhappy with? And then we just observe ourselves unforgivingly, not realizing that it wasn’t life which shaped us as much as it was our reaction to life. When we do realize it, we begin to beat ourselves up about it so much that it just weighs us down more. It’s hard to live balanced, I suppose : ]

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  3. Most people love looking at mirror and think they are flawless (including narcissist myself). There are three ways to deal with this mirror thing:
    1. Take a nice pebble and focus on center of mirror, and you know what to do. The radiating fracture lines through glass. Ah! Heavenly madness.
    2. Refurbish yourself for a better look, a better self.
    3. Love the way you are. Love yourself, irrespective of what mirror shows. As a shaayar said, “आईना देख ये तसल्ली हुई, कि मुझको इस घर में जानता है कोई” (mirror has assured atleast somebody knows me here)


  4. Recognising our own flaws and living with them is a great step towards a balanced life…..I know how it feels to stare into the mirror and have trouble recognising the person looking back.

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  5. Sometimes is so hard to look within (and without) objectively. Mirrors can lie so clearly. I think that some “work” often shows us what’s truly there, what matters, what’s perfect about the blemishes.

    Love the pensive and sort of detached tone. It gives the poem a specially eerie touch.

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  6. A brilliant portrayal of a reflection in the mirror. Perhaps, it’s in embracing inner self that we begin not to care about what the mirror says!

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