The Times of Silence

A barrage of thoughts
Moments of inspiration
Moments of agony
Moments of concentration
Moments of release
A tapping of the keys
The birth of a compilation

Happy & proud to announce the release of my e-book, a selection of more than 250 pieces from 4 years on the blogosphere – thoughts, experiences, views, humour, recipes, spiritual musings, social commentary… I’ll be thrilled and grateful if you were to purchase and download, and even more if you would kindly come back and critique my jottings. God bless y’all!




      1. Thanks so much dear Kunal and happy dassera to u too. One quick question Kunal have we to register ourselves first on Amazon cause even I have written few short stories and would love to publish my book on Amazon if u could throw some light on it.

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      2. Yes, you do. I did mine through Kindle Direct Publishing. It’s pretty easy, they have a few steps you can run through. For me, it was the formatting that was a problem.


      1. K thanks. But did book libraries take your books keh for selling, because since I too have self published my book they r not taking from me but I need to have published my book thru a publisher. Just let me know 😊😊 thanks

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