Oh, Luna!

In your splendorous reflection is she.

Out on a starlit night.

Dazzling argentum against azure velvet.

And so the hours pass,

Clinking of glasses and tinkle of laughter.

Caresses and kisses.

Like you and the passing clouds.

But as you dip, oh Luna,

My heart sinks.

For it is time to let go the clasp and bid adieu.

And in the faint vestigial glow,

Drive off alone, with the memory

Of another nighttime meeting.

Still, the dawning of a new day calms my fears

And secures my mind,

That she, like you, oh Luna,

Will return, come nightfall.




  1. Oh… Beautiful! Half of my poems wouldn’t have been there if there was no moon. Poets across the world owe a great deal to this lovely argent piece of cosmo I believe. 😁

    This is a truly stunning piece, Kunal! And what a pleasure to read you after long. Hope you’ve been well. πŸ€—

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