Fly, Butterfly

18 years in metamorphosis.

The little caterpillar that crawled on the homely stem and branches, that sheltered under parental leaves, took a while, molting her skin many times over and transforming into a pupa. And now, the chrysalis is ready to take wing. Beautiful in every which way inside and out, a delightful kaleidoscope of multitudinous shades & hues, talents & sensibilities, she’s a vivacious butterfly on the cusp of taking flight.

She’ll be back occasionally to partake of domestic nectar and flit away again to explore the vast meadows ahead of her.

I just wish that she keeps beating those wings uninhibitedly and that they carry her upwards and forwards at all times. That she’s unafraid of sipping from the different flowers she’ll doubtless come across. And that each one of those that she imbibes from,
is as sweet as it is meant to be.

Happy birthday, darling butterfly!



  1. Simply beautiful. With you as the wind beneath her wings, she’ll surely be a Monarch wherever she goes. All the best, butterfly!

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  2. May the winds carry her farther and keep bringing her back to you ever so frequently. The image I can see even now is of you with her hand holding your finger while you waited mornings at the school bus stop. Wish the butterfly a beautiful future and you pride and joy as you see her blossom.

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  3. Have been late in responding. A proud and doting father has expressed his sentiments beautifully.An equally proud grandfather is extremely happy and conveys his best wishes to the son-granddaughter duo.

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  4. Ok so I’m terribly late.
    I love her gorgeous.
    And your words for her are perfect. Lil pretty butterfly. May God always bless her and your family. Much love to her. πŸ’•

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