nI aint a new age guru leading you to salvation
Nor a prophet offering no stairway to heaven
I’m just a silly old blogger, that’s me
Still, ma’am/sir, can I ask you follow me?

Neither an A-list celeb, nor star nor hotshot
Don’t have no branded merchandise or autographed mugshot
Not even a millionaire with advice for free
Just a fella with time on hand asking you to follow me

No theory, jargon, Plato, or Sartre for sure
No bungee jumping tales, no intrepid travelogue, I’m quite the bore
I’m just sitting with mouse and keypad, making a simple plea
Asking people like you to come, follow me

Not much to offer, just breeze in and out
No sweepstakes to win, nothing to shout about
I’m no politician, Pied Piper or Queen Bee
I’m just looking for a few likes, someone to follow me

No heavy-duty philosophy or angst-y stuff this time,
Nothing serious, just a two-bit rhyme
I’m keeping it as simple as it can be
You get the gist… now please follow me