Please, God, Give Me Patience

Every time you line up at the counter in an orderly queue
You are always bound to come up against these typical few

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Last night I couldn’t sleep,
I tried counting sheep
To many rams, I added as many ewes
But the total still didn’t reach zzzzz

I started at the beginning
Lined them up in a queue
One by one, they jumped over the fence
Each one muttering, “damn you!”

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Begone, Mr. Beard!

Oh, beard of mine,
How I hate thee!
Vexed am I
For you intrude on my facial property
A scruffy nanometer of a nuisance at a time.
Scraggly, prickly, itchy, bristly.

As a lad, I once looked forward to your arrival,
Eager with anticipation
For each virgin hair.
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