I have thoughts I can’t articulate

I have words I can’t speak

I have stories no one will sit through

I know jokes no one wants to hear

I have a speech ready but no audience

I have advice but no takers

I have secrets but no one to spill them to

I have a wish and no one to reveal to

I have fears that I am phobic of expressing

I have fantasies I cannot bring myself to enact

I have knowledge but none to impart to

I speak a language no one understands

I have experiences no one wants to share

I have a talent I want to showcase

And so I write


I’m sad
So my tears flow out of a nib

I’m elated
So I babble through an ecstatic delirium of words

I’m worried
So I scribble away my anxiety

I’m filled with ennui
So my boredom plays between stanzas I craft

I’m angry
So my ire seeks release through a pen

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There’s something about…

…the scent of monsoon in the air

… the wind in your hair

…the breeze against your face

…the sun on your skin

…the grass beneath your feet

…a book in your hands

…a dog cuddled in your lap

…a melody playing in your ears

…a song in your heart

…a prayer upon your lips

…happiness in your mind


The boobs, the belly, the butt start to sag
The stamina and libido start to flag

Added girth, more diet control
Hey, let’s just face it, we’re growing old

Bulge replacing muscle, a bit more flab
A touch more foundation, another dab

Creams and lotions, pills and potions
No going back, age has been set in motion

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Today, I take you on, my fears
You overwhelmed me all these years
Made me despair, had me in tears

Because of you I looked long but never leapt
Where many ran, I carefully stepped
You caused me to seem so out of depth

Many desires that I had sought
Those battles were lost before they were fought
You, fear, brought a lot to naught

From not wagering on a winning bet
To waking up in a clammy sweat
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