Dowry be Damned

Though outlawed, dowry is a sad and disgustingly regressive fact of life in our parts of the world. I’ve tried to tackle it in a light manner, using broken Indian English and examples of what matters in larger Indian society, but I hope the message comes through strongly. Leave poetry aside, it’s an issue that needs to be outright and permanently rejected through a drastic change in collective mindset. Is education the only answer?

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Thy name held in esteem by the speakers of the Queen’s tongue
Non-native speakers have also over the centuries of thee praises sung
But a curse upon colonial students art thou
If only you were to reflect how
The grief that your works upon us has bestowed
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As a former British colony
But besotted with those darn Americans
We are just so very confused
Us poor contemporary English-speaking Indians

Is it an exercise in collusion
To add doubt and Bollywood vernacular
To a language widely spoken
Making it quite uniquely peculiar

When “realise” with an “s”
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