No illustrious family name
No Harvard heritage or Kennedy-esque pedigree
Not endowed with a body like Schwarznegger
Nor a face like Brad Pitt
No Einstein-ian IQ
Or the acumen of a Bill Gates
No soaring ambition or enterprise
No sense of adventure a la Cousteau
Courage far less than Neil Armstrong
Or Sir Edmund Hillary
Not eloquent at speeches
Nor brilliant criminal mind
Lacking in the patience of a monk to meditate upon a mountain
No billions inherited from the Trump
No trophy wife
Nor villa in St Tropez have I been bequeathed
Neither princeling, rake, knave nor rogue
Reticent, romantic, roamer am I
Everyday bloke, an average Joe
But blessed by the Lord above
With a single gift come late to light
To craft words
Which weave a web


    1. Hi Krys, namaste
      and welcome! Thanks for your kind comments! I must warn you, I’m not all about deep, heavy, philosophical stuff – I’m a seeker who also likes to have a spot of fun! So my works depend on my mood of the moment. But thanks for following and I look forward to your comments.

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      1. Ah! TouchΓ© I and my husband also believe in enjoying and embracing life, laughter, humour, sheer joy…lots of it. You are most welcome and likewise, your comments are highly valued.

        Mr&Mrs MM

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    1. Yaar, I’m no sir! Just plain old Kunal! πŸ™‚

      And Pranjal, please don’t mind but I’ve decided not to participate in these awards any more. Your appreciation and blessings are all I aspire to and I’m grateful for having both.

      I’m happy that there area few of you who like what I write. Thank you, really! God bless!

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  1. You are a sensational writer sir! I really love the posts you bring forth in your blog and i am so glad to have discovered your site. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Your blog is one of my favourates. – Cezane πŸ™‚

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  2. Hi Kunal, thank you for following my blog and reading through my posts, and for all of the likes!
    I’m following you as well, and look forward to reading you!

    Blessings – Phoenix

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  3. Hi, thank your for the attention you have given my blog. And reading your introduction I was planning mid way to tag onto it your very substantial talents, but you already had mentioned those. Lovely blog.

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