My faith, it’s what protects me

There are times I want to cast that boulder away

But I cannot find the strength to lift it

Cannot dig under

Cannot find my way around

So I simply let it rest

And it stays in place


  • The lead image is of Bhima Shila – the boulder that saved the Shiva temple of Kedarnath in North India from damage when there was a cloudburst and avalanche a few years ago. The portals of the temple open for the summer today.


Uncertainty tests faith

Insh’allah, Ishwar ki marzi

Bhagwan ki ichha, Thy will be done

What the Universe has in store

What is written in the Book

What’s etched on my palms

Dame Destiny

Kismet & Karma

Tea leaves, runes, Tarot

Omens, oracles and prophesies

Nostradamus and soothsayers

The end of the world

A new beginning

Trust that He will deliver



  1. Hi, can I ask a question about your faith ? I ask in sincerely, how do you know you done enough to appease your deity ? how do you make yourself right when you done wrong against you deity ?and know you’ve done all that’s required ? thank you, and have a great day.

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    1. HI there! Thanks for the read & your interest.
      Long answer, but I’ll make it as short as I can –
      1) I don’t think God is “petty” enough to seek appeasement from a mere man.
      2) Of course, I’ve done & still do plenty wrong, but nor is He just waiting for me to screw up so He can “punish” me. I have been given the power of free thinking & decision making and then there is the law of karma to take care of the rest.
      3) My personal faith is such that I believe He is beyond religion & prayer & ritual. I try to lead a normal (albeit flawed) life & be a good human being, while reposing trust in Him to give me some of what I desire (which again, I don’t have to speak aloud since He can read my mind).
      I’m not trying to impose my way of thought on to you or anybody, it’s just since you asked. Thanks again, for coming by and have a good weekend!



      1. Hi Kunal, Thanks for responding, the reason that I asked, is I believe in Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior, my whole relationship is based on what Jesus did for me on the cross, ” In the Bible, it states It’s by grace, through faith that I’m saved, not by works, and also It’s a gift to be received, meaning..the work of eternal life with God is done, received by faith in Jesus, my prayer you’ll consider how much God loves and thinks of you, looking forward to chat in the future ??, take care, Dave

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