Penning a Poem

Back at staring at a blank sheet of paper after long
I thought a nice writing instrument would help move things along
Something expensive might serve as a treat
To enable the mind to writers block defeat

So, credit card in hand, I scoured the web
Looking for the finest pens and nib
Sites there were many, listing them from A to Z
Limited editions, handcrafted, decadent luxury

Cross, Parker, Namiki, Onoto, RiKwill, Taccia
Montegrappa, MacKinnon, Marlen, Michel Perchin, Nakaya
Mont Blanc, AP Limited Edition, Artus, Ancora
Visconti, Bexley, Conway Stewart, Benu, Aurora

Caran D’Ache, Bossert & Erhard, Lambrou, Danitrio
Lamy, Urso Luxury, Sheaffer, Conid, Curtis, Markiaro
Perhaps using them, words would, like ink smoothly flow
(Costing 4-figure dollars I should damned well think so!)

ST Dupont, Omas, Loclen, Esterbrook, Krone, Paul Rossi
Waldmann, Ferrari da Varese, Kynsey, William Henry
David Oscarson, Sailor, TF, Cuervo e Sobrinos, Waterman
Laban, Sailor, Schneider, Wahl Eversharp, Pineider, Platinum

Armando Simoni Club, Conklin, Delta, Jack Row
Fisher Space Pens, Graf von Faber-Castell, Kaweco
Otto Hutt, Grayson Tighe, Loiminchay, Diplomat
They all looked impressive, I said, “enough, that’s that!”

I was about to choose one, for better or for worse
Thinking, indulging in money would help in rhyming verse
Fortunately, that’s when rationality versus impulse finally clicked
And I got down to writing this poem using a throwaway Bic



  1. Gosh, I didn’t realise that there were so many luxury pen brands! I really miss writing with a solid ink pen. I can barely remember how to sign my name – everything’s gone digital now. Good fun, Kunal – and you managed to get so many names to rhyme! 😊😊

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      1. Hi! πŸ’– Covid is spiking here! Crazy times we are living in. How are you? I’m sheltering and wondering when it will ever be safe to venture out again. How are you? Are you in lockdown?

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      2. Covid is everywhere and not going away in a hurry. We’ve to learn to live with it, taking the best precautions we can. Yup, we’re under semi-lockdown; lots of restrictions. C’est la vie, the new normal. Anyway, you hang in there, take care, stay safe, God bless!

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