This damn virus has us in domestic quarantine
Leading to hourly quarrels between me and my queen
Having been given the option of ‘work from home’
I thought I could get by simply writing poems

But no, all that these movement restrictions have served
Is for husband & wife to get on each others’ nerves
Forget producing ‘quaranteens’, the current situation will force
To possibly rise rapidly the rate of house-bound divorce
It is imperative that some form of social distancing
Be compulsory for couples who’ve exchanged rings
And are sharing the same small residence
Where’s the surprise, it’s simple common sense
To maintain peace and harmony with the spouse
Within the confines of every cohabited house
I wonder why instead of Β the recommended isolation

They don’t mandate for husbands auditory insulation?










      1. Things are ok here, as ok as we can be in this new reality but honestly not much we can complain about. haha, I have extras and he usually has earphones on!

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