If I were to recede back, back, back and yet further back

In regression, to before I was born

Prior to me existing

Pre-soul formation

What was my primeval, primordial entity?

A random particle?

A form of subtle matter?

Light? Ether?

Was I a mass of nothingness?

Or was I only in the imagination?

A mere thought awaiting creation

To be breathed into life with prana?#

Infinity to be abbreviated into a soul

And manifested?

*The concept of pre-existence in (Shia) Islam
#The Hindu concept of life force

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  1. All is One whether it be in Hindus or Muslims or any religion. This is the Souls journey from Unconscious Divinity to Conscious Divinity where in the end the Soul realizes it was never ever separate from the Oversoul. Awesome picture and poem, Kunal.

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