Sulh-i-Kul* – for Indians everywhere

Whatever happened to our secular fabric
The Bhakti-Sufi synthesis, the tradition syncretic
The Ganga-Jamuna tehzeeb, the shanti-aman
Sarva dharma sambhava, hum sub ek hain, we are one

Our proud history, culture and Gandhi’s ideals
Vasudhaiva kutumbakam and hands that heal
Our motto of Unity in Diversity and our Pledge
The moral high ground that gave us a global edge

The Constitution, the Anthem and the Tricolour
Vande Mataram, Saare Jahaaan Se Accha and tales of valour
Our woof weft and warp is the principle of live and let live
Let’s wrest back this country, even if they don’t want to give


*Sulh-i kul is an Arabic term literally meaning “peace with all,” “universal peace,” or “absolute peace,” drawn from a Sufi mystic principle. As applied by the third Mughal Emperor of India, Akbar (who reigned 1556-1605), it described a peaceful and harmonious relationship among different religions.

Bhakti – traditional Hindu devotional worship
Sufi – Muslim ascetic or mystic
Ganga-Jamuna – refers to the two holy rivers, a confluence 
Tehzeeb – Urdu for culture
Shanti – peace in Sanskrit / Hindi
Aman – peace in Urdu
Sarva dharma sambhava – the Indian doctrine that all religions are a path to one destination
Hum sub ek hain – we are one, in Hindi

Vasudhaiva kutumbakam – the ancient Indian concept of the world is one family
Vande Mataram – Sanskrit for I salute you, O Mother
Saare Jahaan Se Accha – Title to a Hindi song by Allama Iqbal, meaning The Best in All the World



  1. I completely agree with your much needed post for all Indians at this time, Kunal. I think we all Indians who think alike are questioning our politicians what is happening to our core and why are we unnecessary fighting. Where did our Gandhi who fought for us go and yes then why are we ridiculing our National Anthem and Flag when we are fighting not like brothers but like hooligans and again wanting to separate our country by we are Hindus and we are Muslims. Horrible I would say when our world and humans need to go ahead and have humanity as one goal we are fighting for god alone knows what.

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  2. A powerful piece Kunal, especially married up with Ivor’s share at the Cafe today. There is so much division today, we have moved backwards into the days when identity mattered more than wholeness and it is a world wide pandemic

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  3. A beautiful wish that should be reality. Diversity should be celebrated around the globe, and, these days, I feel that the media, in all its guises, has a role to play which it is blatantly acting against to fuel hatred and greed. Well put.

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