A Pinch of Salt

My breakfast eggs, like my world
Were looking rather bland
In need of of some enhancing
Maybe salt could lend a helping hand

So I set off to the cornerstore
Looking for simple sodium chloride
And what I came across, my friends
My brains, like morning eggs, were fried

There was cheap, free flowing table salt
And NaCl natural & unrefined
But there was also low sodium and iodized
Coarse, grainy, flaky or crystalline

Salt that you could shake
And salt that you could grind
And yet another kind
Which you could use in brine

Kosher, sea, smoked, rock and Himalayan pink
Grey Celtic or sel gris and high-end Fleur de sel
Black salt from Nepal and Cyprus
Flavoured seasonings and salt with minerals

Lava and alaea red salt from exotic Hawaii
There was a type in green and also blue
From places in the Mediterranean
Going all the way across to Bolivia and Peru

All I wanted is some taste
Something simple to use as a sprinkle
Yet again the sheer variety
Had me in a complete pickle

So in a salty huff, I left
My health to me most dear
Perhaps without any salt at all
My blood pressure would be clear





  1. I loved this. It reminded me of recently going to the farmers market where one vendor, Lot’s Wyfe, (isn’t that cleaver!) sold all these flavored salts. One was cedar smoked which tastes a bit like bacon which I love but refuse to eat. Made with no meat products! I love it. It’s really good on eggs, by the way. πŸ™‚ Which one did you end up buying?

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