As the sacred and revered lotus blooms
In a muddy pond
A symbol of purity, beauty and perfection
Its aquaphobic leaves floating on the surface
Never submerged, never soaked
Repelling extraneous mud from adhering
Its temperature, regulated
A warm invitation amid the coolness of the water
Its roots imbibing nutrients from the very depths

So also the seventh chakra
The 1000 petaled Sahasrara within us all

*derived from the Sinhalese word for lotus, “neelam”

The 7th chakra is the “sahasrara.” In Sanskrit, “Brahmarandhra” – the hole of Brahman – is believed to be the dwelling place of the soul, from where life enters and leaves the human body. It is also known as “Dasamadvara” – the tenth opening or the tenth door – and is the hollow place in the crown of the head between the two parietal and occipital bones, known as anterior fontanelle in a new-born child.   




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