Came across who I thought was a wizard barber
He’d work his razor like a wand, abracadabra
But every customer’s neck he would nick
Till it oozed crimson blood thick
Turned out he was a character macabre

So every one who sat in his chair
And let him trim their beards and hair
Faced a situation rather dire
Being worked upon by a vampire
They shed more than just hair, I fear


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      1. Hahaha of course we are a funny lot and thanks to you guys we are speaking in Gujju nai toh keh if we had to land in South India, undu gundu, bolte like an empty vessel. Oh great to hear that Bawa school etle all our bawa language which is not good u must be knowing cause that is second language for us. K read the poem I posted on beautiful brunette it is very different .

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  1. Thanks for the smile, Kunal. I actually visited my local barber’s this morning to have my beard trimmed. Fortunately there are no blacked out windows and the day, being sunny the door to the street was open. However I’m always careful not to insult the barber’s sister, mother etc as it only takes one little slip of that razer . . .! Best – Kevin

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