Pasta la Vista

Welcome to Italy, sir, buon giorno
Here’s your complimentary bottle of wino
So said the man in sunny Roma
As I walked into his restaurant, invited by the aroma

Thank you, I think I’ll have a simple plate of pasta
What’s your special, what would you recommend
At this, he got excited and started speaking faster
Giving me a list of options which would never end

For starters, signore, there’s Macaroni, Spaghetti
Ummm… Fiori, Gigli, Cavatappi and Ziti
Cencioni, Quadrettini, Sedani, Penne
Or maybe, the half mooned Mezze Lune

Orecchiette, Busiete… he continued in a sing-song voice
Mamma mia, I was getting spoilt for choice
…Tagliatelle, Pappardelle, Rotelle and Farfalle
Canule, Chiociole and our famous Campanelle

Bucatini, Capellini, Fedelini, Rigatoni, Ritoni
Canelloni, Tortelloni, Matriciani, Ditalini
Caserecce, Lumache, Gnocchi, Pici, Capricci
You must have one before you say Arrivederci

Perciatelli, Cavatelli, Scialatelli, Fricelli or Vermicelli
Taste on your tongue and satisfaction in your belly
Wait, there’s more: Conchiglie, Bigoli, Ravioli, Fusilli
Mostaccioli, Tonnarelli, Gemelli, Casconcelli, Garganelli

Anellini, Filini, Mafaldine, Stelline
Also Fettuccine, Linguine and Lasagne
Then there’s Cappelletti, Agnolotti, Croxetti
And of course, Busiate, Torchietti and Maltagliati

Ah, yes, Vermicelloni, Paccheri, Reginette…
I was getting impatient, but he wasn’t done yet
…Or perhaps you can have the Pipe, Trofie or Filei
I hadn’t ever heard of those and was feeling quite silly

Mafalda, Barbina, Gramigna and Fregola
Try any of them, they’re guaranteed bella
And finally, we have Foglie D’ulivo
Or if you prefer, you can have our delicious Orzo

Faced with confusion, I said Ciao
Sorry, I can’t decide, I think I’ll just go
I mumbled Pasta la Vista (I know that’s Spanish)
Beat a hasty retreat and made as if to vanish

My overdosed head was spinning, it needed release
I decided instead to find myself some Chinese
Walked in to Wong’s and guess what, I’m greeted with doodles
Of all their oodles of varieties of noodles


Next up in this series:Β Fou Fou Food in France

Coming soon, Germany!



  1. Dude, that is too much food. But I certainly like my Lasagna and Bolognaise in Ragu. Chinese is always a safe bet , looking forward to your jaunt in France and Germany, you globe trotter.

    Liked by 1 person


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