Marry Joanna?

I don’t think so!

She’s a wild child
Who’ll lead me to ruin
She’s enticing, dressed in fibres of hemp
And promises me the moon and the stars
In the dark of my moodiness
She’ll have me float in the clouds
Then leave me crushed in her dust

A toke I’d take
And she’ll turn me potty
Into one of the reefer raff

She’s the smoke without the fire
An inhalation of false intoxication
She’s a weed to whom I’d rather not be wedded
Lest she lead me up the garden path
Taking me for a dope
Promising me a life of roses
And filling my senses with hope
Then disappearing in a puff

She and her sister
Sienna Bis
Who live where the grass is supposedly greener

No, thank you
I’m staying away
I’m happy single



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