Mother and Child

Came across this quite inadvertently, but it’s one of the most soothing songs I’ve listened to in awhile. She’s got a lovely voice and the words & their meaning are just so deep! I can’t understand the Sanskrit language either, but the subtitles are self-explanatory.

This is Gaiea (Gabriella Burnell), a British lady on the mic.

And is the English translation of the lyrics (from youtube):

Verse 1:Β 
Madalasa says to her crying son: You are pure, enlightened, and spotless. Leave the illusion of the world and wake up from this deep slumber of delusion.

Verse 2:
My child, you are ever pure! You do not have a name. A name is only an imaginary superimposition on you. This body made of five elements is not you, nor do you belong to it. This being so, what can be a reason for your crying?

Verse 3:
The essence of the universe does not cry in reality. All is an illusion of words, oh prince! Please understand this. The various qualities you seem to have are are just your imaginations, they belong to the elements that make the senses (and have nothing to do with you).

Verse 4: The elements (that make this body) grow with the accumulation of more elements, or reduce in size if some elements are taken away. This is what is seen in a body’s growing in size or becoming lean depending upon the consumption of food, water etc. You do not have growth or decay.

Verse 5:
You are in the body which is like a jacket that gets worn out day by day. Do not have the wrong notion that you are the body. This body is like a jacket that you are tied to, for the fructification of the good and bad karmas.

Verse 6:
Some may refer to you as father and some others may refer to you as son or some may refer to you as mother and some one else may refer to you as wife. Some say “you are mine” and some others say “you are not mine” These are all references to this “combination of physical elements”, do not identify with them.

Verse 7:
The deluded look at objects of enjoyments as giving happiness by removing the unhappiness. The wise clearly see that the same object which gives happiness now will become a source of unhappiness.

Verse 8:
The vehicle that moves on the ground is different from the person in it similarly this body is also different from the person who is inside! The owner of the body is different from the body! Ah, how foolish it is to think “I am the body.”



      1. My absolute pleasure!!! It was so soothing and beautiful. I didn’t watch the whole vid as I was listening while getting ready for the day, but even just watching her prepare to sing was calming. What gentle presence she has! πŸ’–πŸ™πŸΌβ˜€οΈ

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