So, it’s the 9th of November – I turn a little greyer, a little wiser today – and where would I rather have been? In a Christian church in New York City, where a Jewish man, Krishna Das, will be singing kirtans (Hindu hosannas), celebrating the oneness of God and of all mankind.

As many may know, NYC is one my most favourite cities in the world, KD is an absolute gem with his voice and dedication to his chosen art, and if the video collection on youtube is anything to go by, the previous edition of this program was fabulous in its spiritual intensity and emotion. Along with, there would have been the colours of Fall and the bracing, cool weather. A true feast for the senses and the soul.

A dear friend told me to “close your eyes and believe and it will happen.”

Well, not this time, but God willing, there will be another.

Have a sampling here:


Also, for those who might’ve missed it and are interested, my first book is up on Amazon:


  1. many happy returns Kunal! and I found out reading your father’s wonderful blog post! God willing I will be in NYC for the holidays and look forward to seeing all the things that make it so magical. best wishes for an amazing year ahead.

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      1. So did you just miss him? Can you catch him in Rishikesh? Or will you not be in India? I still remember the Krishna Waltz link you sent to me on Janmashtami — brought a rain of tears and shower of grace. Thank YOU! ๐Ÿ™‚

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      2. Oh, I see. Well we’ll just have to watch and wait – the perfect kirtan will happen at the best-est time. Meanwhile, prayers for a beautiful birthday for you today and a blessed year ahead. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. THank you so much! And although Iโ€™ll miss him again when heโ€™ll be in Rishikesh later in December, I agree thereโ€™s always a next time to look forward to!
      BTW, have you ever heard him, YouTube or something?

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