Khushi ki Khudkushi / Love Died

Hui sagai, bani dulhan

Ho na paya dilon ka milan

Kho baithi mann ka santulan

Chhoda na jaye, moda na jaaye

Buss, dil harroz toda jaaye


She was a new bride making a new start

Without there ever being a meeting of hearts

The marriage, now an abandoned piece of art

Every tear she cried, a piece of her died

An expectation of love, now driven to suicide



  1. It’s about every Indian bride. Though most don’t kill the selves , only life kills them slowly like poison. Oh this is so depressing , I hope it’s not about anybody.

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      1. Yeah okay. It’s a very good piece , Kunal. You are an exceptional writer, I say this with utmost honesty. One of the very few whose work I enjoy.
        Let’s drink a toast to happiness, to everyone’s happiness , that is. You take care.

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