After the first meeting in months and the welcome peck
After the appetiser and entree and dessert amid many glasses of wine
After the many silly jokes and shared secrets
After the singing, serenading violin duo
After the folding of the dinner napkins and clearance of the service
After the check and the lady being given the rose from the decorative centrepiece
After it being called time and the lights being dimmed

Fingers barely touching, eyes full of wistful longing
No words necessary, minds lost in the past
When pheromones are replacing the faint scent of perfume
When you still want to stop the clock in silence
Tarry, and just be in the moment a while longer




    1. Koi khaas chahiye iske liye! Iโ€™ll let you into a secret – I havenโ€™t either! Itโ€™s a figment of my overactive imagination ๐Ÿ˜Š
      But thanks for coming by, Y! Have a good one, you!

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