She’s like the moon
Playing games with my heart

When her face shines down on me at night
In its full luminescent glory
An orb of nocturnal desire

Sometimes, it’s a semi visible visage
Leaving me wanting
For that other half which I cannot see

On others, she displays even less
Feminine charms at play
Revealing, concealing, teasing

Then, she hides behind diaphanous clouds
Disappearing from sight
Enveloping me with darkness

Only to reappear
A sliver, a glimpse
Lighting up my soul once more

Her waxing and waning
Exerts a pull on my heartstrings
Uplifting and dampening my spirits
Causing them to rise and recede

She’s like the moon
To my tides



      1. Am I well? Yes, but I’ve been a temporary single mom for awhile so it’s been hard to keep up with my blog. I pour out my daily struggles on Instagram.


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