If Tomorrow Were Not To Come

Embrace me just this once tonight
Who knows if there will be a tomorrow
Take me in your arms, in the moment hold me tight
To meet again, another lifetime we may need to borrow

This hour may never come again
Who knows what destiny has in store
Gazing into your eyes is time best spent
Come closer, my love, I want more

The time we’ve been granted, let it pause
I have made you mine, make me thine
Before life runs its course
And I am left in the afterworld to pine

Gather me up into your arms
Who knows if there will come a tomorrow
Allow me to savour all your charms
I don’t want a lifetime of regret and sorrow

Let me cry tears so freely
Let them flood my soul
Let them lift me from this melancholy
For fate can be so cruel

So darling, embrace me, make the most of a beautiful night
For alas, soon it will be time to go
Fill all of my senses with delight
Who knows if there will ever be a tomorrow

Based on the lyrics of an old Hindi song Lag Jaa Gale (Come, take me in your arms)



      1. No real reason. Didn’t swoon over her voice – too high pitched for my liking – and I found Asha more versatile. Anyways, it’s the time for the Sunidhis and Shreyas and whoever of the world now, naya zamana and all that! Thanks for visiting and commenting, R! Have a great day!

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