Pura-Lempuyang Temple, Bali

I came across a picture of these temple gates (thanks to my elder sister’s post on FB) and I immediately marveled to myself, “this is what a temple should be!”

The stairs ascending upwards to the gates have a symbolism, the vertical pillars serve to focus the mind between their “frame”, and then one looks down, taking in the magnificent expanse of all of God’s creation.

This, if I were to ever visit, would make me reflect more than anything with walls and a roof/spire/steeple/dome/pagoda.



  1. The pictures are beautiful and I get what you mean. My younger daughter who studies art at school is always telling me that art should invoke a visceral reaction. For me, the second picture does that, it drew me into it inexplicably. I can imagine what more reaction one would get from actually being in such a place. Maybe it’s time to cast my eyes to the East.😊

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      1. Oh, man, that’s a tough one! You could spend 3 months here and it wouldn’t be enough! Depends on the time, money, season, preferences… But yeah, I’d be happy to help you plan once you really decide

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      2. Bet you would πŸ˜€ But seriously, I was thinking about broadening my horizons. We are not short of natural attractions here and I’ve enjoyed the culture, history and architecture of Europe, I’m inclined to think I’d opt for a more spiritual experience in the East so the temples and the Himalayas would appeal to me. Anyway, I’ve announced it to the universe so let’s see what happen. Have a lovely day Kunal.

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