To the man on the moon

Shine brighter, dude, turn up the wattage

It’s the night & I need you to work for me

Show me your fulsome, portly shot, not a slim profile

Because when you’re out in all your glory

Is when lovers gaze up in wonder and then into each other’s eyes

Is when the nightwind carries with it gusts of passion and a waft of romance

Is when madness overcomes and the heart goes a little crazy

Is when the dogs howl and men make their women mew


Be like the gleaming pearl buttons on a black tux canopy

So when a million lights sparkle

Like the fizz in that champagne flute

I can see the stars in her eyes

And in your wholeness amid the dark

I can appreciate just how my lady completes me


Turn on the magic, mister

I need your help tonight




  1. Oh! my!! This is so oooooh! Kunal, you did it man! Your lady is goin to swoon into your mighty arms. Ooh la la , this is so cute. Something so different and yet so romantic. Dud you notice , there is man in romantic ! Btw , you sh

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