Adding Up to One (bilingual)

Jo ginn ke bataaye
Anant asmaan mein hain kitne taare
Samjhe wohi kitna gher hai ambar

Jo bina gine bataaye
Saagar mein kul boond kitne hain saare
Samjhe wohi kitna gehra hai samunder

Jo anek mein dekhe sirf woh Ek
Dekhein hain usne jahaan ke sach saare
Salaam karo usey, woh hai mard-e-qalander

The one who can keep count
Of all the stars that light up our night sky
Only he can traverse the vastness of the cosmos

The one who can without count
Tell you the drops of water that make up the ocean
Only he can fathom its true depths

The one who knows the answer is One
Is the man who has experienced life’s truths
Rise up, bow down, that man is blessed






    1. Hi Radhika, thanks! Yes, it went to spam – dunno why.
      I’m still not very confident with Hindi and turn to Google many times, so excuse the mistakes.
      I hope you get the essence of what I’m trying to say.
      Thanks, again!



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