November Flower*

The chrysanthemums you grow so lovingly in your garden
They bear no thorns

Every morn
they unabashedly open their faces to the sun
and offer their blooming beauty to the world
unafraid of the vulnerability of being plucked
and placed in ornamentation of somebody’s vase
or being the subject of attention of motley fauna

So also let go
and open up the corolla of your heart
Shed it of the ring of stakes, spines and spikes
the vault of barbed wire
you have enmeshed it with
Rid the hesitation, fear, apprehension, doubt
Let it blossom with spontaneity, love, hope, optimism
and offer it to the one
whose life it can adorn
What use is it shrivelling on the stem on which it is borne

It was you who told me
Chrysanthemums have no thorns


*Chrysanthemums are the flowers for the birth month of November (I did not know that till I started penning this on a prompt I picked up during a recent conversation, but it’s very apt that they are, in the context of this poem! )




  1. In other words, just let yourself go, give in to love, be that flower that lives in the glory of display in the vase rather than being beautiful and restrained. What a beautiful poem and sentiment Kunal!

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  2. I could feel your heart with this. You could not be more true in the sense you spoke and it had thus tenderness and I could also sense the plea and yearning. Things will happen in good time. You have to wait maybe have more patience than you bargained for.
    You know , as I read this , I could almost picture you ! Oh ! You have such an earnest face. God bless !

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  3. Hi Kunal. The chrysanthemum is one of my favourite plants. The flowers last a long time on the bush and they grow very well in most soils that aren’t too wet. I have also just learnt from your post that they are my elest son’s birth month flower!

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