Oh, to see what I perceive (Hindi/English)

Yeh lambi khoj, yeh roz ki talaash
Karti hai mujhe bada niraash

Woh avaaz deta hai, dikhta nahin
Woh jo kehta hai, main seekhta nahin

Aankhon mein aandhi nahin, hai dil mein
Dikhega woh tab, jab dil khilein

This endless search
It has me in despair

He calls out to me, yet I can’t see Him
He talks to me, but I don’t listen

It’s not that the eyes that are sightless
Perhaps it the heart which isn’t yet open to receive



    1. Hi, Tejasvi! I’m honoured & humbled. Thanks so much, but maybe I should’ve told you mine’s an award free blog. I write for myself and the bonus is that guys like you read and sometimes appreciate! What more can I want? Many thanks, again!

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      1. Ohh okay, I’m really sorry about that! I really do like your blog and enjoy your writing, I think it’s wonderful how you write it both in Hindi and English so people can understand! You write beautifully

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