Remainders & Reminders

The image stays imprinted on the retina
Long after the vision has vanished

The sense of touch captured
Long after the body loses delicate contact

The voice silently echoing in the auditory
The scent still enticing the olfactory

Having once imbibed, an aftertaste lingers
What the word ambrosial would describe

The bountiful feeling in the deepest crevasses of the heart
The indelible memories in the deepest crevasses of the brain

All that remains, reminds



      1. Yes. But to beautifully pen it down. In simple, short yet heavy meaning words is a rare skill
        It is always a pleasure to read your posts.

        Thanks Kunal for noticing my absence and for your concern. Yes, I was undergoing few changes in my life. Your post brought me to back to WordPress 🙂 to be frank. Now, I am hoping to be back soon.

        Liked by 1 person

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