Soul Flight

Like delicate dandelion carried forth by the wind
Without control of its own destiny
My departed soul will take flight
From the body when it perishes
Guided by my deeds and their karma
To come to rest in another world
Giving birth to another life
Subtler or more base (who knows but He)
A seed sprouting a fresh shoot

Thus I will finally give back
What I was born with
Hopefully, more enriched than impoverished

Image credit – Yayoi Kusama.
A detail of ‘Sprouting’ (The Transmigration of the Soul) 1987.


    1. Thanks, Smitha, that’s really kind of you, but sorry, I will decline. I try not to do these things – your appreciation is more than enough. I hope you understand. Thanks, again, grateful for your support.



      1. Wish it were that simple, but this is a chronic vestibular disorder so I’ll be dealing with it indefinitely. But now I have tests proving the injury, and a rehab therapist and exercises that should help over time (months/years). Thanks! I’ve been too exhausted to spend much time on WP. I try to pop in when I can 💜

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