Royally Flushed*

You hold all the cards

An ace at what you do

The king of the table

With your queen beside you

Blind to the rest of the pack

Who gives a jack about the jokers

They’re way out of sequence

The clubs and the spades

Let them fold

They can be shuffled into oblivion

As long as its diamonds for you

No heart, no worries

All that matters is dealing yourself a winning hand

You show your true colours

At this time of the year


* I chose this title because of the pun – the card game & what I’d like to do to those who play it. Let me explain…

It’s Diwali time – India’s biggest festival. What should be a reflective celebration of good over evil has become a time of ostentatious and obnoxious outdoing of the other. It’s a tradition to gamble in the hope that the goddess of wealth will be even more bountiful in her blessings. It’s all good for those who have the money to wash a few thousand down every night. But what of the underprivileged who are still hungry and deprived? Do they even think of them?

Sorry, if I’m being a scrooge!





  1. Yes, I agree, a clever play of words and metaphor. I suppose a deck of cards is an apt metaphor for the luck of the draw and what we do with. This reminds me of some of our traditional funerals where so much money is spent to keep up appearances even among those who can’t afford things. I’m afraid I’m not much of a stickler for tradition.😀

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    1. True. 😊
      I don’t play taash/teen patti. I get throroughly bored & fidgety at these do’s & often I simply don’t go.
      But you have a happy & safe Diwali with your family! Light a diya, eat some mithai, pray & spread the love.



  2. I don’t know how you celebrate Diwali or how gambling fits into it all but I agree with the spirit of what you write. I work with the homeless and disadvantaged and feel angry and sad about wasted wealth. Help each other…

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    1. Thank you! And God bless you for what you’re doing! Diwali today is like any other festival – more an orgy of commercial excess than a traditional expression of happiness or gratitude. Sign of the times, I guess 🙁



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