Something About the Way She Looks

What is it?

Is is that casually loose strand
Blowing in a wisp of wind
Is it the sheen of her hair
Underneath a moonlit sky
Is it those slender, red-nailed fingers
Holding up a long-stemmed glass of rosé
Or the kohl-rimmed eyes
A deep brown
Looking intently into mine
The lightly freckled face
The glinting, dangling earrings
Peeking from a lobe under the locks
The crinkled nose when she smiles
Lighting up the surroundings
And outshining the candles that decorate our table
The chain hanging delicately from her neck
Or the teasing hint of bare shoulder
The unrestrained laughter
Or the honesty in her voice
As we share some candour
Before she reverts to coyness

Whatever it is
It gathers me in and envelopes me
It makes my heart flutter
And will lose me sleep again tonight






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