That damned coiled serpent

Just when I am inching upwards
Unraveling myself, and feel like I’m ascending
Towards seventh heaven
She suddenly shows her fangs
And toxic thoughts
Spread their vile poison
Cold blood, forked tongue and reptilian nature take over
Bringing me slithering down to base again
Sapping my energy
And making me torpid and gross
Supine and spineless once more

Entwined as I am with her
In a game of spiritual snakes and ladders
Is there no simple antidote?
Why can I not shed my negatives like a snake its skin
And rise above myself?


  • Kundalini is a mythical energy stored in the base of the spine, which, through meditation, rises past 7 chakras towards the crown of the head, ultimately leading to enlightenment and bliss. Here’s more for those interested -https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kundalini


  1. Taking each day as it comes, can be very frustrating at times, just when you think you have thoughts and emotions mastered something comes along and hits you out of the blue, but as long as we don’t let it over take us and keep going then all will be well…I hope.xx thankyou for the lovely post.x

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  2. Hi, nice information. Been meditating for a while still can’t rise my energy from the base of spine. Can you help by quoting source i can find to do it ? I am not able to let go of few sticky emotions. All the best for your journey. Blessings !

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