Nandita’s Challenge

So NMY from Emotional Spaces – – writes to me in Hindi and almost dares me to do an English version of it. Game on, my friend… here it is!

Your last coffee before bedtime
I ask you to raise the cup I gifted you
And put it to your lips
So you can feel my touch
The hot china, my warm skin
The letter I wrote you
Read it by the moonlight
Again and yet again
A smile playing on your lips
As a tear rolls down your cheek
Clutching it fondly, draw it close
Keep it under your pillow
Dreaming, it’ll deliver me to you one night
Forgotten moments, hidden pinings
Remain submerged in the depths of my heart
Firm resolve, firmer belief
Desert me now with the passage of the hours
The darkness of a lonely night descends
As I await dawn
To takes me back to my innocence
Woh meri bheji hui 
cup ko
Hoton se lagaana
Woh tumhara mujhe chhune ka
Ek aur bahana
Woh mere likhe hue khat ko
Hazaar baar padhna
Padhke muskurana
Muskurate huye rona
Seene se lagaana
Aur sirhane me rakhna
Ummeed ke sapne mein main aakar
Kisi din saamne ho jati
Kuch aisi beeti huyi lamho ko
Kaleje mein chhupa ke 
Jaa rahi hi
Yeh sockhke
Kaise pucce the woh irade
Kaise teeki hui thi hounsle
Kaise raet ki tarah fisal rahe hai ab
Louta do woh saare fasaane


  1. Wow! This is absolutely beautiful. The gift of a cup with the hope of being delivered some night. I think this is one of her finest pieces and though I do not read Hindi, I am sure you captured her words perfectly.

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      1. You are welcome, Kunal! I am sure she will be very pleased with this. It’s one of those situations where I wish I could read Hindi because I imagine it is out of this world. 🙂

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  2. Reblogged this on Emotional Spaces and commented:
    My friend Kunal accepted my “almost” challenge of giving the English rendition of a poem I wrote in Hindi with a bit of Urdu mix. He has done a pretty fantastic job. See it for yourself. Thanks K!

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