Who I am, what I will be

My hands.

Structured of a palm,

With a riverine maze of

Uniquely engraved lines

And five fingers

With grooves, furrows, swirls and ridges.

Concentrics and radials,

Whorls, indents and creases

Impressions, loops, mounts and arches.

Etched as these are onto my skin,

They form my identity,

They are my destiny.




  1. Such a wonderful description of something most of us never think about. The human structure is totally fascinating to me. Great writing, Sir!

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    1. Nope, not really. I’ve had my plan read, but for kicks. Although I do believe in the ‘naseeb ki lakeer’ being drawn across your forehead (I know it doesn’t make sense either, but figure that one out!)

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      1. I think I could understand, Sir…I’ve a fascination for futuristic predictions, and have attempted to understand vedic astrology after having heard of personal experiences..But, at the same time, I believe we write our own fate..The artist who drew the fate across my forehead is probably myself…Then there is the constant belief that my Lord is responsible for all my happiness..It is almost paradoxical..My recent post is a reflection of this..I’ll be glad if you read it.

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  2. Well, whether you believe in palmistry or not, this is a beautiful piece of writing and that power and talent is literally and figuratively in your hands at at you finger tips and here you have everyone eating out of your hands. Resonates very well with what I’ve just written before I cam here!😊

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