The War Within (Bilingual)

There are times thoughts gather
Which I cannot wish away

Let’s walk a step towards peace
But my damn legs will not move

Let’s reach out to the poor and hungry
But these damn hands of mine will not listen

Let’s raise a voice against injustice
My damn tongue, it will not utter a word

Let’s make this world a better place
Not a damn finger raises itself

What’s the point of being a deep thinker
When the foolish body refuses to act?

If there is incredible peace in silence
There is even more dissonance in indolence

There is a veritable war within
Between active thought and inert action
No noble victor, no humbled vanquished, not a wink of sleep
Dissatisfied disturbance dogs my days

Kabhi kabhi mann ki gehrai se ek avaaz goonj uthti hai
Jisey nazarnadaaz karna mushkil hai

Ki aman, shanti ki oar kadam badhaein
Lekin yeh pair saale maante nahin

Bhookh, garibi ke khilaaf haath uthaein
Lekin yeh haath saale maante nahin

Anyaay, zulm ka saamna karein
Yeh zubaan ek shabd bole na

Duniya ke dard ko mitaaein
Ek ungli tak hilti nahin

Dimaag ke soch, vichaar kis kaam ke
Jab kambakht sharir uska maane na?

Mann ki khaamoshi mein sukoon zuroor
Lekin beilmi mein bechaini kuch zyaada

Tan-mann ki yeh ladai
Oonche vichaar, jad jism,
Idhar asantushthi, wahaan aalasya
Na kisi ki haar, na koi jeet, na zara si bhi neend






  1. Well written Kunal. The success in this piece is that expressing these thoughts and emotions is an effort and contribution in itself. Welcome back and have a lovely week!😀

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  2. Beautifully expressed as always. Couldn’t agree with you more. Lots of peeps in ivory towers dispensing advice but no one wants to get their hands dirty at the grassroots level. “Idea” and “I’ll do” are poles apart. Khayaalon ki kashmakash, haathon ki haqeeqat!

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  3. What’s the point of being a deep thinker
    When the foolish body refuses to act?

    This is so true.. we must put our thoughts into action.. even if its just raising our voice against injustice.

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  4. The proverbial conflict of knowing what you want to do, or should do, and doing it. Most of us in life are bystanders. It takes courage and conviction to abandon the safe confines of of inaction and step forward. Luckily you are a poet, and your words become weapons of change. A beautiful piece.

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