Punctuated by commas,
A couple of exclamation points,
A couple of question marks,
A hyphen or two,
Many a word had woven their way
Across the lines.
Strung together, broken, separated.

The mind seeking closure,
The time had come
To put a period mark.

As the hand finished drawing the dot,
The heart seeking extension,
Added two more.

The full stop
Became an ellipsis,
For the long-winding sentence
To be continued…


      1. Ah! if you’re referring to my travels, that’s only at the end of the year. A little while ago, I did a post on wanting to go to Malta. So we’ve now set the wheels in motion for Christmas and New Year – Malta, Venice and a bit of Paris. Flights and accommodation booked but it’s lots of fun planning the itinerary and leaving room for the ellipses.😀

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      2. Thank you Kunal. Yeah, I’m impulsive that way. It will be Christmas in Malta and New Year in Venice. We’ll just do a day trip from Venice to Paris and back. I’ve been missing my travel bug😀

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