Hear the Rainbow

Close your eyes and listen. In the darkness, you will hear the evocative sounds of colours.

In crimson, the sound of the heart beating, blood coursing through the veins.

In scarlet, high heels clack-clacking across a shiny marble floor.

In sapphire, waves gently lapping and breaking.

And green, gurgling brook, glinting surface rippling.

In powder blue, gentle rustling of leaves on branches, the imminence of a shower.

In blush, the squeals of Β a happy baby, the happy woof of a dog at play.

In umber, earthy, rolling sounds of thunder echoing through valleys.

And in deep purple, the throb of urbania, a cacophony.

In chrome, fire, incandescent, crackling flames.

In golden, nightingales and larks awakening the world, door chimes.

And silver, two young lovers cooing into each others’ ears on a secluded balcony.

The grey, melancholy strains of a maudlin old guitar.

And the pitch black of crickets, of breakwaters unseen on a moonless night.

In opal, the myriad sonic wonders of the world, sharp, subtle, ever shifting.

In pristine white, the stark silence of complete placidity.











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