Owning the Void (Bilingual)

Nothing had I
I reached for a multitude of abundance

Today, I have it all
I still yearn for the uncountable

A fool am I
For it is the truly wise who know
That the void is infinite
And in infinity is the void

I go back to my quest for completeness
This time, seeking the zero

Kuch nahin tha mere paas
Talaash thi anantataa ki

Aaj sab kuch hai mere paas
Phir bhi talaash hai kuch asankhya aur ki

Bada bewakoof hoon main
Bahut buddhimaan hai woh
Jinko maloom hai ki
Shunyata mein hi toh poornata hai

Ab karta hoon main khoj
Uss sifr ka, jo karega mujhe mukammal




  1. This touched a chord in my heart. Exactly how I feel. Took the words out of my mouth. Omg this is good , Kunal. What wisdom this verse holds. Love such verses , that look at the philosophical and psychological of the mind.

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  2. Wonderful words of wisdom, Kunal. And the words are a perfect reflection of each other in both languages. Har insaan khud mein hota to mukkamal hai, bas sifr aur wajood ki kashmakash mein kho jata hai! I hope I conveyed what I thought I did!!! ☺️

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