Summer Beauties

From March through to our monsoons in mid-June, Mumbai is stiflingly hot & humid. But it’s also the season when the all-too-rapidly-vanishing trees left in this grey concrete, glass & steel metropolis, bloom in all their flowering finery. Sparse patches of green become a riot of colour. I’m no expert, but I can appreciate nature and a thing of beauty. So here are some that I’ve driven past – ogling at their multi-hued floral foliage – which mask the grit and make my city a little more pretty to look at.

In the picture are the few I’ve seen and could get the names of – Copper Pod, Bougainvillea, Laburnum, Pink Cassia, Frangipani, Flame of the Forest, Pride of India, Pride of Burma and Jacaranda.

(A point to note – none of the photos is mine, they’ve been googled and then composed).



  1. Oh those colours are magnificent and it is lovely to see this on your blog!. We have Pride of India in our garden and this being our Autumn, I admire the changing colours of their Autumn leaves which are looking stunning though quickly disappearing as the birds pick them off. Enjoy this splendour while it lasts!😀

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      1. Generally, I believe we have one of the largest manmade forests in the world, so there’s lots of vegetation in most parts of the city. Also, I guess the city centre has decentralised to other economic hubs like Sandton where lots of company headquarters have moved to and the tendency is towards Green Buildings. Of course that’s the more built up areas. We also still have remnants of mine dumps from Gold mining. Since we only have two months of Winter, most of the year is fairly lush.

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    1. Thanks for the visit!
      How green is Karachi, Hammad? Not in terms of public gardens, etc, but green zones / tree cover, etc? Or is it as dusty, dirty, dull like other subcontinental cities? Here, Delhi, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Poona are far greener than Bombay

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      1. Green enough to provide comfort to eyes. If I speak of my street, there are 13 homes having small size garden in front of them. Palm, coconut, hibiscus, daisies, roses, these are common here.

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      1. Everything is going well at my end. We’re enjoying summer while it lasts. I’ve always loved Bombay, I had the best two month of my life there living alone. Also, I miss being a theobroma junkie. 🙂

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