It’s how one of India’sΒ Southern states – Kerala – is marketed to tourists, because that’s where the first Christians landed, as well the first Arab Muslims, and both communities have prospered there, along with the Jews who came before them and of course, the local Hindus. Added to this is the lush greenery, tea estates, backwaters, beaches and plentiful fish, coconuts, what-have-you…. a blessed land.

Enjoy a catchy (remixed) tune in the language spoken by the state – Malayalam, of which I know not more than 5 words, none of them repeatable!



      1. No..no need to apologize…Nothing to be embarrassed about..I didn’t say so earlier because in this modern world, drinking isn’t something that only men do.. Also, I being a girl has nothing to do with my choice not to drink alcohol. My father doesn’t. My brother and cousin brothers, and most of my uncles don’t (atleast, as far as I know)..I grew up in such an atmosphere where we advocate teetotalism. I would have remained one even if I were a cool guy😎..
        Sorry for not telling you earlier πŸ˜…

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      2. I know you aren’t…No worries..I’m not offended or anything. I was just sharing my thoughts with you. It was fun..πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„
        Happy Blogging! And don’t forget about the must have meen fry when you come to Kerala!

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      1. I did notice him! I love tabla. I just got a vinyl album record of Ravi Shankar, just him and a tabla. It’s so beautiful. And in fact, I had Indian food delivered tonight…it’s all coming together. πŸ™‚ Hopefully, someday I can do all of that in India itself.

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      2. Dang it…I had feeling I got them mixed. Sorry! I have a couple other people I know in Delhi, but I knew at least one person was in Mumbai. What a wonderfully beautiful and historic location.

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